Bella in backyardBella is a rescue of sorts but more like a re-home. A member of my CIN group sent me an email telling me about a female clumber she saw advertised for sale on Craigslist. I decided to check it out and found out that the female listed for sale was a grand daughter to two of my previous rescues, Spicy and Andy. Of course this caught my attention so I sent the seller an email.


What followed next was a wonderful chain of events. Bella as the clumber is known was 18 months old and looked to be well socialized and happy. Circumstances came up that prevented the family from giving her the home and attention she deserved so they decided to find her a family that could give her these things.


After a series of email exchanges, Bella’s owner thought I would be able to give Bella a good home and agreed to let me buy her. Meanwhile, another CIN member emailed me about finding a clumber for her friend who was supposed to get an older clumber from a breeder but an unfortunate accident prevented this from happening.


After much thinking and soul searching, I realized Bella would be a perfect match for her friend and emailed her with info and pictures. She had never owned a dog much less a clumber so I hesitated placing a rescue with her because I didn’t want her first experience as a new dog owner to be a bad one. I wanted it to be a win, win for everyone. After getting to know Bella through emails and pictures, I felt confident that she would be a great companion for a first time dog owner.


Enjoying my new bedBella was picked up by her new mama on Friday, February 27, 2009 and both seem very happy with each other. I am looking forward to watching Bella grow up and hearing all about her new life and I am very pleased with this happy ending as another of Spicy and Andy’s kids have found a safe and loving home.


Bella’s personality and temperament are just absolutely amazing and her new mom thinks she is just wonderful. I am thankful that the CIN member let me know about this sweet girl and that we were able to give her a chance at being loved and cherished.


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