This is Heidi when she first came into the rescue. Heidi came from a backyard breeder and had always lived in an outside kennel. She came to me not knowing what it was like to have a family or live inside. She was nervous at first and a little weary about her new environment but she adjusted rather quickly and liked her new way of life. 

She was the first Clumber to find a new home.



The family who adopted Heidi  was actually interested in Hank at first but being they had a toddler, I wanted to be sure Hank was a good fit so I took both him and Heidi to pet adoption to see how they did with children. I was quite surprised to see that Hank wasn’t so sure about them at all and hid under the table most the day. Heidi on the otherhand, seemed to like all the excitement and she just took everything in.
So now Heidi lives like a queen with her new mom and dad and little brother, Anderson in Charlotte, NC. She enjoys taking walks around the neighborhood and loves to sunbath at the sliding glass doors.   

It does my  heart good every time I look at this picture as this is what a Clumber’s life should be!

 Heidi’s mom and dad keep me updated on her progress and they keep the pictures coming and are so happy she joined their family.  

Update (12/2008) Heidi had her one year anniversary with her new family in July 2008 and this is what they shared.

What do we say about our Heidi girl? She is the sweetest, absolutely most loving dog we’ve ever had! Heidi came to us with an open heart, ready to love and be loved and we have enjoyed every furry minute of getting to know her. In the past year and a half, she has become more outgoing, although she can still be wary of new people – we have an occasional piddle when someone new comes to visit, but those are few and far between.

She still sleeps in her crate – even if we leave it open, she finds it a safe place. We’d love to have her sleep in our bedroom, but I will say she snores louder than any animal should and much louder than Johnny. Sometimes we lie in bed amazed at the sounds coming from her space! Heidi loves to play and she especially loves tracking our cat, Sammi – who is very patient with her. 

Heidi loves going under our bed where Sammi kitty has a nesting spot. How she manages to get her 75 pound body under there, we still can’t quite figure out, but it is fun to watch! 

Heidi is also still amazing with our son Anderson.  At two, he definitely enjoys roughhousing and she is so patient with him. He loves to stand there while she licks him from head to toe! Our girl is also getting very good at resisting temptation when it comes to Anderson’s toys. Of course, as you’ll see, she likes to check them out and if we weren’t looking, might manage to nab one now and then. 

We have made one decision about Heidi though – we are keeping her hair cut shorter.  Since the hair was getting a little overwhelming. Heidi visits the “pet spa” every 4-6 weeks and gets pampered with a massaging shampoo, nail trim & new hair do.  By all accounts, she’s like most girls and enjoys her day at the salon.

Our vet’s office is great and loves to see Heidi come in – they don’t see Clumbers everyday.  She has had a clean bill of health (with the exception of a bit of yeast in her ears) and is on monthly heartworm/flea/tick meds, which she does well with.

The bottom line is that we love Heidi and are so glad we were chosen for her. As I mentioned at the beginning, she has such a sweet spirit and so loving – we would have missed out on something special if we had not adopted her. Thanks for giving us the opportunity!

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