Sugar is not an original import but she is one of the first generation pups born to original imports. Her mom was my very special Dolly so rescuing her was indeed the right thing to do.

The Monday after we lost Lucy, I received an email regarding a female clumber for sale. Once I checked the ad, the birth date caught my eye because it was exactly the same as my Roofus and upon checking, I found out that she is his full sister.  She is also a half sister to Amos and the Dollykins, and a family member to so many others.

Sugar was born in the same Amish puppy mill as Roofus and spent the first part of her life there with him until they were sold at an auction. There were six or seven clumbers in this litter and now two have been accounted for and it does my heart good knowing they are safe and sound.

I did not rescue Sugar Plum from a puppy miller but actually bought her from a person who had. She told me that while at the puppy mill, Sugar didn’t even have a name for she was never called and she never mattered.  She was just beginning to learn how to be a pet when things changed and her owner had to sell her. Thankfully, Lucy sent her to me and now she is meeting long lost family and learning how to “just be”.

Sugar Plum as I like to call her has a great spirit and has managed to get through her rough beginnings better than Roofus.  It took Roofus a long time to give his heart completely but with Sugar, she came in like she knew she was home, like she has always been a part of my family.

I am overjoyed to be able to have another of Dolly’s babies under roof and I’m sure she and Lucy are looking down, smiling at all that are safe.  Sugar is not only a beautiful clumber but she is full of life and has already given me her heart. I cannot walk without fear of stepping on her as she stays right underfoot. Often I find her stopping, sitting down just to look up at me. I can’t help but wonder what she is thinking. Her sweet amber eyes are full of love and she has made a heavy heart feel so much lighter.

Thankfully, Sugar will never know another harsh word or hand and that confirms that I am doing the right thing by “daring to love”.

 I feel very blessed to have this wonderful sweet baby of Dolly’s join my family and I know without a doubt that she was sent to me with the help of Dolly and Lucy. The love she has already given me in such a short while is just amazing and words cannot express the joy I feel.

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