Torie's Happy Ending 9-12-09

Today was a "good" day. Torie's forever mom, brother Digby and grandma Judy drove all the way to NC from Washington, DC to pick up their little princess. And I must say that she looked every much the part. I groomed her this morning and boy was she beautiful. I adored this girl from the day we met and today as I groomed her and got her ready for her big day, I couldn't have been any happier.
Yesterday we spent the evening together doing a little shopping for her new brother Digby. She wanted him to know how happy she was to share his family. Everyone who met her thought she was the cutest thing going and she was the perfect gal. One little girl chased us all over the store before she asked if she could pet my dog. I told her "why yes" and then thanked her for asking. They didn't know what she was but thought she was very cute and soft.
I teared up a few times on the way home with tears of happiness and also knowing that her spot would soon be empty and that I would face the day without my sweet little Torie wiggling and barking like she was really 90 lbs instead of 55.5. Torie always let me know when it was dinner time just in case I forgot. Torie came in April 2009 and was only here 5 mos but I knew right away that she needed her forever home as quickly as possible because she was ready, ready to love and ready to make someone very happy.
Today I saw the perfect ending materialize right before my eyes and I was happy for Torie and Sarah as these two girls are going to be very happy together. I feel blessed to have been able to give Torie a chance and feel even more blessed that Torie forged a friendship between me and Sarah.
Once Sarah, Judy, and Digby arrived, Torie and I walked down to open the gate for them and Sarah was standing there ready to greet us and I think Sarah loved her the minute she saw her. Digby and Torie are two peas in a pod - Torie is the female version of Digby. Digby pokes around, Torie pokes around, Digby is highly food motivated, Torie is highly food motivated, and so forth.
Sarah is as delightful as Torie is sweet and the pics are just incredible. After meeting Sarah's mom Judy, I can see where Sarah gets her sweetness from. Judy was wonderful to meet and her heart is absolutely huge. There is no mistaking where Sarah gets her "big heart" from.
I am so happy knowing that Torie will be spoiled and adored for the rest of her days. To think that it was only five months ago that she was living in a dark barn and now look at her - she is never going to be cold again or hungry. She is never going to wish for more attention because there will always be plenty.
My heart is peaceful tonight because I know Torie is right where she belongs and another happy ending came to be.
Thank you Sarah for trusting me and allowing me to help find you and Digby the perfect match. Torie is very lucky to get to share her life with you and Digby is going to be a great brother.
Judy, thank you for making the long drive with Sarah and for staying with her a few days to get everything situated. You are a great mom - just like Sarah said.



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