Please be patient with our application process as there are only one or two people who review applications and these individuals are volunteers and have families, jobs and pets of their own. 

All of the Clumbers available for adoption from Clumbers in Need have spent their entire lives in the miserable environment of puppy mills. All have been neglected and many have been mistreated. I feel their pain when they first come to me and I want nothing but for them to enjoy the simple pleasures of a dog’s life. 

If you desire a warm, cuddly, affectionate, housetrained, playful, happy pet, and you want that temperament when you first bring the Clumber home, then a Clumber rescued from a puppy mill is NOT the Clumber for you. It takes time for the Clumbers to trust me and it will take time for them to trust you. PATIENCE is the magic word when it comes to a puppy mill rescue. 

Before coming to my home, the Clumbers available for adoption knew nothing about being a beloved pet, or companion, or playmate. These Clumbers have lived in wire cages, eaten poor quality food, been forced to share their cages with many other dogs, never had proper medical care, and have never known the human touch of affection or kindness. They have been used to living in their own excrement and the excrement of other dogs that shared the same fate. 

Some of the Clumbers bring tremendous housebreaking challenges, some will also challenge your patience and commitment as you attempt to integrate them into family life.

Most of these Clumbers are shy, many are fearful, many will bark at or run and hide from, the “normal” sounds of a household such as the doorbell ringing, a child’s joyful squeal, the running of the vacuum cleaner, the rattle of pots and pans, and the jingling of car keys. 

These Clumbers don’t know the feel of grass under their paws or a pillow in their beds; they don’t know what it is like to live inside as a family member or even how to go up and down stairs. 

If you decide you are interested in adopting one of my Clumbers, please understand it will be your responsibility to “win” the Clumber over. You will have to gain their trust, keeping in mind, that even though many are older, they were never taught to trust, play or love. That responsibility must include a solid commitment to the dog’s health and well being, a thorough understanding of the lives these rescues have lived, and a patience that encourages the rescue to progress at a speed that is right for them.  

Now that I’ve shared the “dark” side of adopting a puppy mill rescue, you should also know that every day brings a reason for thanks; a wagging tail, the enjoyment of a treat, the first time he/she gives you a slobbery kiss, the first time he/she looks you in the eye, and best of all the first time they let out their first woo woo. Clumber Spaniel rescues can and DO become wonderful companions. It may take a little more time and dedication but believe me the rewards are well worth it.

After reading the above if you are still interested in adopting a clumber, you must fill out a questionnaire, which can be faxed or mailed to you.

The adoption fee for a Clumber is $500.00 and includes the following:


·         Vet Check

·         Any surgeries if needed

·         Mandatory spay/neuter

·         Up to date shots including rabies

·         De-worming

·         Micro-chipping

·         Flea preventative (Frontline Plus)

·         H/W testing w/preventative

·         Metal Crate

·         Collar/Leash

·         Bag of food


Along with the above, the adopting family gets an "owners manual" which includes important contact numbers, a helpful websites list, pedigree information as available, groomer's guide, feeding guide, Clumber history and an informational summary of the breed.

Due to the uniqueness of the breed, I am matching a mentor with each family so that the new family has plenty of outlets in case questions or problems arise.

All applicants considered will go through the first phone interview which is done by me and if I think they are eligible, a second phone interview is done by another Clumber person, home visits of where the Clumber will reside will be done, personal references/vet references are required and checked, all other pets in the household must be spayed/neutered unless they are being shown or have medical reasons why they shouldn't be, and when possible visits with another Clumber owner is recommended.

After both phone interviews are done, I will contact the second interviewer to discuss the outcome. If for some reason I think the applicant is a "yes" and the second person thinks they are a "no", a third interview is done by another Clumber person and then the decision will be made. I do; however, have the right to make the final decision.

All Clumbers adopted will be co-owned by me and if for ANY reason the new family decides they can't keep the Clumber, they HAVE to return him/her to ME. They CANNOT take the Clumber to a shelter or re-home. I also do follow up phone check-ins after the adoption is made final and will physically visit occasionally to ensure all is going well between the new owner and the Clumber. If miles prevent this, I will call on other volunteers to do so for me. If for any valid reason I feel the Clumber is at risk or of being neglected, I have every right to void the contract and won't hesitate to do so. If this happens, no refund will be given. 

Any life threatening decisions such as those involving major surgery, terminal illness or euthanasia mustbe discussed with me prior to a decision being made.

Another MUST is the new owner must have a physical fence and all Clumbers are to be "inside" pets (NO exception) and must be crated when unattended as they are known to leave a trail of destruction and eat things they shouldn’t which can lead to surgery and life threatening conditions. I realize there are good homes for Clumbers in states other than the Carolinas and have no objections to out of state adoptions; however, when a match is made, the prospective adopter must be willing to travel to meet the Clumber and take him/her home unless circumstances warrant otherwise.

I also require that the new owner notifies me within three days if they have a change of address and/or phone number(s). 

I am recommending training for all clumbers and will help find a trainer in your area. Also depending on the rescue, I will or will not allow the Clumbers to be adopted out to families with small children. I also work to match you with a Clumber that is right for your family, based on personalities of the Clumber and factors related to the new family. I will take into consideration male/female wanted but feel I will know best which Clumber is suited for which families. If at the time we do not have a Clumber to match your family I will put you on a waiting list. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding any questions regarding the adoption process.

 Thank you.

 Kim Smith McLendon

Founder of Clumbers in Need

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