Amos was born in a puppy mill and sold to a backyard breeder where he lived outside in a kennel. He is also Suzy’s son.

Amos was one of the five Dottie led me to. Amos, like Lucy has suffered trauma in his short life. He is blind in one eye and according to the vet, he probably lost it due to an accident.

Amos came in with Heidi, Gretchen, Hank, and Joni and out of the five, he was the most nervous. He had the “rescue” slump so many rescues have and he would cower in his crate. It took him several days before he would eat and if anyone was in the same room with him, he wouldn’t eat at all.

Taking him out to potty was tricky as he had never been on a leash and was scared to death of it. It took me several weeks to convince him that going for a walk was a good thing.

He didn’t seem to trust me or anyone and acted like he had lost his best friend. I truly feel that even though his life hadn’t been the best, it was still a life that he was used to and having to readjust to a new home and new life was very hard on him.

Amos was very nervous and any type of loud noises would make him cringe and he would literally start shaking. The calmer everything around him was, the better he felt. I did a lot of talking to Amos and petting him and spent a lot of one on one time with him and slowly he began to respond.

Amos struggled with adapting and my heart went out to him. I tried everything I could think of to make him feel better and more at ease as he was in turmoil. I spent a lot of time with Amos in the presence of the others so that he could see how they interacted with me in hopes that he would see they were at ease and he would mimic them.  

Over a period of many months, I began to see Amos transform into a totally “different” Clumber and once he did, he started to relax and decided he not only liked me but that he could trust me. He lost the slump and started bouncing and prancing with great pride. He was one of the first Clumbers to make it to “off leash” status as he listened very well and would never get far away from me. He became one of my biggest admirers and was so eager to please.

These days it is Amos that sets the good example and he calms even the troubled rescues. He gets along with every body; both male and female, young or old! He is an excellent testament of a Clumber Spaniel and once he chose to give me his heart, there was and will be no stopping him.

I am very proud of Amos and how far he’s come as he has taken the longest to come around but time is not important at McLendon Land as each rescue has as much time as they need.

Just recently (February 2008), I made the decision that Amos would be a long-termer here at McLendon Land as I feel he has finally adjusted and has found happiness with his new life and I am afraid he wouldn't do well if his security was taken away. Everybody loves Amos and he has found his “serenity” here among the other Clumber angels.

Update (09/2008) Amos is another fellow who has come so far. Ms Suzy is his mother and he and Roofus are actually half brothers as they share the same father. I feel making Amos a “personal” clumber was the right decision to make as he loves it here.

Amos loves to hike through the woods and loves to run and play with anyone who will. He is full of life and has an ideal temperament. There’s never been a clumber or non-clumber who does not like him. His favorite past time is digging in the red clay and he digs foxholes that would easily fit two or three people. Often he looks like a mud-dobber and is red rather than white but he is happiest when all covered in mud.

I never grow tired of watching him run across the field or through the laurel thickets as his delight is obvious to anyone watching him. Amos continues to be a great influence on new rescues and makes them all feel at ease.

Amos is definitely a “heart” clumber and he lets it be known daily how happy he is. He runs and plays with such a carefree spirit that it is breathtaking to watch. I can always count on Amos to determine how a newbie will react to new dogs. His demeanor never changes regardless of how nervous the newcomers may be and he knows how much room they need and gives it to them willingly.

Not a day goes by that I am not thankful that I rescued Amos, for he never would have known what it is like to experience life as he now knows it. Once Amos decided that he was happy and could trust me, he has walked by my side every day since. There is never a morning that he doesn’t gallop over to meet me as he makes his morning rounds and it is a ritual that I’ve grown to not only look forward too but one that I can’t imagine starting my day without.

He was one of the wounded ones but now he is proof that a little time, patience and love can make such a difference and that it is never a waste of time to believe in something or have hope.

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