Andy is a very special rescue as he is the sire to Dolly’s puppies. He was born in the Czech Republic to a wonderful breeder who loved him and his siblings very much. She asked all the right questions and took great care when placing him but unfortunately the person who bought Andy was not what she seemed and sold him to the US where he spent several years living in an Amish puppy mill.

Andy was one of the four that came in with Dolly in June of 2007. He and Dolly along with her sister Suzy and the Swedish Clumber Spicy, had spent most of their lives together, living for the sole purpose of producing puppies.

I have found in dealing with rescues from puppy mills or backyard breeders, the males come in starving for affection as they get the least attention. Andy was no exception to this rule. He seemed a lot older than his six years and the creases in his face showed a life that had been unkind. His eyes were like so many rescues, showing the telltale signs and were absent of the sparkle one would or should see in a happy Clumber.

My heart never gets used to the broken spirits or the worn out looks they carry and Andy carried a heavy burden.

After many long walks, talks, and lots of one on one, Andy began to trust me. To my delight he would “hug” me with his paws when he wanted to be petted or wanted my attention. His way of greeting me was to take my arm or hand in his mouth.

Even though I could tell Andy was coming around, he was guarded and unsure of my intentions. Andy’s heart was mending slowly but it still had a long way to go. As the weeks turned into months it was obvious that Andy had seen a lot of sadness but even with the heartache, he yearned for love and affection.

Andy enjoyed the little things the most such as being brushed or even bathed. He would soak up the attention like a sponge and would let me brush him or pet him for hours. I will never forget the day I gave him his first “bed” to sleep on; he was obviously overjoyed and couldn’t wait to get on it. Since that day, he’s never slept on a hard surface again.

I realized that he was the happiest when spending time with me. After careful consideration, I decided to start leaving him out with my personal Clumbers to see how he would do. Amazingly enough he seemed to fit right in as if they had always been together.

In December of 2007, I made the decision to adopt Andy myself so he would never have to be uprooted again. I felt in my heart that he had found his “home” and had given me his heart. I also wanted the Dollykins (Dozer, Karma, Freedom Grace, Worthy) to have the chance to grow up with their dad but more importantly, Andy had chosen to trust and love again and I wasn’t about to take any chances and break his spirit.

Now, Andy meets me at the door “snorting” as he does the Clumber wiggle and I know in my heart I made the right decision. Andy is proof that time can heal all wounds when given a chance. My heart swells with pride when I look into his eyes and see the twinkle is back and the “hardships” he came in with, have faded away.

Update (09/2008) Andy is another Clumber that knocked the wind out of me and stole my heart. Andy and I share the discomfort of neck injuries and oddly enough the very same discs are affected. When Andy was experiencing a lot of problems with his neck, I gave him my neck pillow. He loved it!

 Andy’s neck was injured due to a blow to the back of the head and over time that injury only worsened. By the time I rescued Andy, his neck was in bad shape and the hope for a positive outcome wasn’t very promising. After being recommended by a friend to someone who does “Energy Healing”, I felt like I had nothing to lose and every thing to gain. So along with the medications he was prescribed by his Vet, several energy sessions were performed, I also performed massage therapy and used certain oils. Andy began to improve. Slowly I was able to take him off of all the medications and he has done wonderfully. Now at the first sign of a “limp” I perform the massage therapy and I truly believe it helps.

 So many “good” things have come from rescuing Andy. I made a wonderful friend and I’ve seen forgiveness at work. Andy is very wise and he “works” daily at keeping balance among the Clumbers. He is the Alpha among the male Clumbers but drops down to second in command when Beethoven (a St Bernard/Husky mix) steps in. Andy forgave the man who hit him in the back of the head long ago but what is amazing about this is that Andy never felt like the man needed to be forgiven as Andy understood the man’s actions and why he did what he did. Andy taught me that anything can be forgiven once we get past it.

Andy truly is amazing and he and I are deeply tuned in to one another. He is very special and wise beyond his years and is close to being human. I look at Andy and I see a proud, confident, clumber that left the bad memories of his days in a puppy mill behind him. He has given me his trust and his heart and I am forever grateful that he felt I was deserving of both. 

He still snorts and greets me at the door every evening and that is something I look forward to each day. My hope is that he gets to grow old and see the Dollykins grow into happy adults.


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