I actually bought Dottie from a backyard breeder and she in fact led me first to Lucy, then to Heidi, Gretchen, Joni, Hank and Amos.

I would never encourage others to buy from a backyard breeder but I cannot say I regret my decision in the least for buying her, because in doing so, six other Clumbers were given a chance they never would have been given.

Had I not gotten Dottie I never would have seen how the others were living and the poor shape Lucy was in. They owe a lot to a young gal named Dottie as she was an angel in disguise.

Dottie was more or less put on the back burner when Dolly’s orphans (the Dollykins) arrived but her personality and loving spirit is nothing but a wonderful example of the Clumber breed. She was seven months old when the Dollykins were born and she’d spent every day at the office with me as I wanted to make sure she was socialized properly; I can say without a doubt, she was. She loves everybody and everything. She grooms anybody that will sit still long enough for her to do so.  

 Neither Dudley nor Roofus liked her very much at first but now Dudley plays with her until he grows tired and then Roofus comes in as second string.

 Lucy adopted her right off the bat and the two spent many days sleeping and napping together while Lucy grew healthy. If I had to pick a favorite of hers, it would be Lucy.

I’ve always loved Dottie and even though I knew I’d made the right decision, I was sick at what I saw when we picked her up. That is when all things changed for me and from that day on my life was never the same. Dudley inspired my love for the breed, Roofus added to it, but Dottie brought it full focus.

Dottie never grows tired of giving and does not mind it when another needs attention. She has a very calming spirit and that spirit puts all the rescues at ease.

 She truly is an angel!

Update (09/2008) What can I say about Dottie? Dottie is truly an angel and works her magic wherever she goes. When new rescues come in, Dottie stands back and gives them a day or two to get accustomed to their new “home”. Once they do she begins the task of making them feel welcome.

Dottie has a morning ritual where she parades up and down the sunroom that is lined with crates of sleeping clumbers. She tells them each hello and gives them kisses through the doors. So many of them missed out on growing up in a happy home when they were puppies so she has no idea the horrors they’ve seen but Dottie is wise beyond her years and she knows that certain ones need more attention than others. Those are the ones she spends extra time on.

 I’ve always said Dottie led me to the first rescues and I feel certain that she came to me for a reason. Dottie is special and one of my favorite stories is one when I asked Carole Dennis, a pet communicator to do a reading with Joni to let her know she was going to her new family but that I would always love her. I also asked Carole to do a reading with the clan to let them know what was going on with Joni as well. I wanted to make sure they all knew that Joni was going to her forever home and would be loved and adored just like she was at McLendon Land.

Carole agreed to do the reading for me and when she “tuned”  in to do the reading, it was Dottie she got, not Joni. Dottie had many things to say to Carole and just went on and on about life at McLendon Land. Carole later told me how impressed she was with this gal. The most amazing part about the whole conversation was that Carole did not know that Dottie was just a pup because Dottie came across as being so much older and wiser. This did not surprise me in the least as this gal is something else. She was born with a wonderful gift of making everyone feel at ease and she uses it often.

Getting Dottie was very controversial but without her, Clumbers in Need would never have happened. I love Dottie for just being Dottie but I love her more for the way she is with those who need a little more than what I can give – Dottie is at times my translator and she is truly amazing and I love her with all my heart.


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