Emmie is an original import that was born in Hungary on August 13, 2004. She was sold to the US by her breeder along with several, if not all, littermates. She just spent her fourth birthday in a puppy mill as she has every year of her life. Friday, August the 22nd, Clumbers in Need gave her a belated birthday present, the present being she will never spend another day in a puppy mill. This day her new life began.

 My husband Edward picked her up and after a long drive home he brought her to McLendon Land. It was very late that Friday night when they arrived but the instant I met her I could sense she was something special. I could tell she was nervous with her new surroundings but she automatically liked me and did not want me out of her sight.   

Emmie appeared to live in better conditions than some of the other rescues but she was still  deprived of love and missed out on what a Clumber enjoys most; spending time with their humans. It seemed it had been a long time since she had had a bath, if she’d ever had one. Her feet were in awful condition as the nails had curled completely under and she had a pebble embedded between two toes. Ms Emmie was very patient with me as I worked for two hours grooming her. While soaking her paw in Epsom salt to clean out the wound the pebble had caused, it baffled me how anyone could have a Clumber as sweet as she was and not “love” her as I had already fallen for her.  

 There’s no way to know how many puppy mills she has been in since she was sold to the US but I’m sure there were many. In spite of no one concerning themselves with her well being, her temperament is absolutely wonderful. Emmie came in with a slight “rescue slump” but I have no doubt that in no time she will be bouncing around full of confidence. She “smiles” more often than not and is a joy to watch.

Even though Edward picked her up and she came willingly with him, she seems to be afraid of men as she cowers down every time she sees him.

 Emmie has so much to offer and now that she has a chance, I am sure she will make up for all those years when she was nothing more than a puppy producer.

Emmie has only been a part of McLendon Land for a short time but she, like all of them, has touched my heart. I felt a connection to her right away, maybe it was because she looks and reminds me of my Dolly who we lost. I’m not sure what it is but what I do know is that I am so thankful that she is safe and that she will never be abused or neglected again.

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