This is Hank when he first came into the rescue. Hank came from a backyard breeder and had always lived in an outside kennel. He came to me not knowing what it was like to have a family or live inside. He was nervous at first and it took him quite a while to get used to his new environment but once he did, he enjoyed inside living and being part of a family.

He was the second Clumber to find a new home.

The couple who adopted Hank  have several furkids, so Hank isn’t an only child.  

He lives with his new mom and dad on 40 plus acres in Mississippi and is spoiled beyond belief. On the  “farm” that he lives on he gets to see all kinds of wildlife and that is heaven for a Clumber as they are natural “hunters”.  Hank has a new brother named Ziggy that he follows around everywhere and the two of them are like a double shadow of their mom!  

Words cannot express the happiness I feel for Hank in finding a new family who loves him as much as I do.
Hank’s new mom keeps me updated on his progress and has promised to keep the pictures coming.

I know he is having the time of his life and I know his mom has already fallen in love with him for he is so easy to love.

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