Joni came in with her sisters, Heidi and Gretchen. They were born in a puppy mill and then sold to a backyard breeder where she was living in an outside kennel with several other Clumbers. She is also one of the Clumbers that Dottie led me to.

Joni was probably the most nervous out of her three sisters. She was very skittish and was scared to death of a collar or leash.

One good thing like her sisters, even though she was nervous, her spirit was in pretty good shape as it hadn’t had time to be broken.

She was even smaller than her sister Gretchen and actually still looked very much like a puppy. Joni’s appearance had suffered from over-breeding of her parents as her looks hardly resembled a Clumber Spaniel.

What Joni lacked in size, she made up for in spunk. She can run like the wind and jump like a stallion. Joni would make a fine agility Clumber as she is very athletic.

Joni has a very sweet spirit and one that melts even the hardest heart. It took her a while to trust me but once she did, she welcomed me home every day and would sit patiently while I put her leash on. She didn’t know much when I rescued her but it didn’t take her long to enjoy inside living. She was also bought for one purpose and that purpose was to produce puppies and she was hardly anymore than a puppy herself.

Joni, like her sisters, had never had a bath or been groomed so she was quite matted and it took a while to get all the mats out. Surprisingly enough, she did as well as Gretchen did in the bathtub and was very patient at grooming time. Her favorite was being talked to while she was being brushed.

Joni also loves to run and play and does great on leash and does well “off leash”.

Joni is getting prettier every day and she reminds me of a “little lamb”.

I am even more thankful that Joni will never endure what the older females went through. She will only know what it means to be loved and cherished and her spirit will never be broken.

I always knew the day would come that Joni would find the perfect family and that her new family would love and cherish her as they should.

Update (07/2008) The day came on July 26, 2008  that Joni went to live with her new mom and dad in New York.  Along with her new mom and dad, Joni will be living with several German Shorthaired pointers and will be in heaven as Joni loves to run and play. I am sure in no time she will be giving those pointers a run for their money. 

Joni was with me for over a year as I was waiting on just the right mom and dad. Several people asked me about her but they were never the right ones. I knew in my heart that the perfect family would come along and they did. 

It was with a heavy heart that I said good-bye but that feeling was short lived as I knew that Joni’s new mom and dad would love her just as much as I do. I look forward to being a part of the next chapter in her life and I am so proud of this young lady that came to me scared to death that year ago.


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