McLendon Land is located in Fairview, North Carolina in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains. My husband Edward and I live in a two hundred year old log cabin that has been home to me for nineteen years. It is home to us and a refuge to many Clumbers, several non-Clumbers, and a few resident cats.

Edward works as an Industrial Electrician for Kimberly Clark Corporation in Hendersonville, NC and I work for Hayes & Lunsford Electrical Contractors, as a Construction Service Manager. He has been with Kimberly Clark eight years and I have been with Hayes & Lunsford for fifteen. 

We have a daughter Krystal and a son Dakota who both help with the rescue from time to time.  Krystal was previously involved with an all breed rescue where she was the director for the dogs program. She enjoys horse back riding and giving riding lessons in her free time.

Dakota enjoys reading, writing and drawing and is still trying to find himself.

McLendon Land is a permanent home for many and a pit stop for some.  Some of the Clumbers come in and find their “forever homes” and those are “adopted by us” and allowed to live out the rest of their days, being loved and cherished. 

Others come in for a short time and find their “forever homes” elsewhere but even those are always welcome to come back as they are still co-owned by me. 

No two clumbers have the same needs and those needs are decided on an individual basis and all are given as much time as necessary. Dead lines are something we do not have at McLendon Land and I never rescue a Clumber that I’m not willing to adopt. My lifelong commitment to them is seeing that they find the life that suits them and their needs best. 

I feel truly blessed to have a “McLendon Land” where Clumbers can seek a new life and I have dedicated my life to Clumbers in Need. Every decision I make is based on what is best for them and our lifestyle reflects this.  

There is nothing that compares to sharing my home with these great white angels and I hope to share McLendon Land with many for years to come. 

19 Trantham Creek Road - Fairview, NC 28730

Kim Smith McLendon ~ Founder of Clumbers in Need

Phone: (828) 230-2499