Nelly is another original import from the Czech Republic.  She is very, very ,extra special as I had to leave her behind when I rescued  her sisters Nicky and Yasmin.  It broke my heart that I could not rescue her at the time, but fate stepped in and ten months later her owner decided to “cut back” and put her up for sale.

When Nicky and Yasmin's owner told me that there was another sister and that they were “keeping” her, I could not help but feel sick to my stomach – guilty that I could only rescue two of them. Now I can rest easy knowing that another of Balu’s daughters is safe and sound.  I am so happy that Nelly will now have the same chance at a new life as her sisters.

Nelly was also considered a “favorite” of ther owner and out of the three sisters Nelly is the most outgoing and seems to have dealt well with the sort of life she was subjected to.  She loves the creek, loves the woods and gets so excited when I take her outside. Her nose never leaves the trail and her tail never stops wagging. The first time she saw the creek she didn't hesitate and jumped right in. She was splashing water, never thinking for one minute that she should be scared. She is a go-getter, a feisty little thing that has already made me smile just by watching her play and frolic. It took four years for her to be able to do these things but she is doing them now, making up for lost time.

Just when I think I’m full up on favorites, another comes in and Nelly is now one of them. She has a spirit that I’m sure kept her temperament intact and she has a confidence that is rare in puppy mill clumbers. She gets a little rattled at new things and is still testing the waters, but I’ve no doubt that once she is comfortable with her new surroundings she is going to bring with her a joy that is felt by all who meet her.

When the Clumbers in Need group was deciding on a new name for a new beginning, there were all kinds of great names offered; however, while out walking her the day after she was rescued the name Nelly just came to me – it suits her and she is a Nelly - a wonderful, sweet, Nelly. 

Nelly is a wonderful example of what being patient can do. Had I given up and forgotten about her she would have been sold to yet another puppy miller, but I kept her in my heart and she found her way to me. 

Even though Nelly's sire Balu Bohemia Clumber was never given a chance to know what being free was all about, I am sure Yasmin, Nicky, and now Nelly will take full advantage of their new beginnings .  Even though I was too late to help Balu, at least three out of his four daughters are safe and have wonderful futures ahead of them.


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