Nicky is Yasmin’s sister and was also sold to Poland by her breeder when she was just a puppy along with her father Balu Bohemia Clumber. They were then sold to the US at a puppy auction.

 She also bounced around from puppy mill to puppy mill until December 2007, when we rescued her and Yasmin. Nicky seems to have suffered the most at the hands of the puppy millers as her spirit was broken. I also feel she was the “protector” of the two because when she and Yasmin first got to McLendon Land, she would not let anyone near Yasmin.  This seemed a bit odd as she is much smaller than Yasmin in height but is much stockier.  The Dollykins actually weigh more than she does and are taller even at just seven months.

Once I found out Yasmin & Nicky were daughters to Balu, I felt even more determined in giving them a chance, a chance that her father was never given.  Balu never knew the security of a loving home or of a loving family. Even though I was pleased to rescue two of his daughters, there was a third sister but the breeder would not sell her to us so that weighed heavy on my mind, but I’ve learned I must be grateful for the ones we can save. Nicky has a chance now and hopefully one day soon we can give the other sister(s) a chance.

  Nicky came in with a troubled soul and was very guarded like she expected the worst. She didn’t want anything to do with me and unlike her sister, she wasn’t friendly at all.

 After several weeks of taking her out by herself and spending extra time with her, I have almost won her over. She hasn’t completely given me her heart, but she will come to me when called, and she will play a little bit. Lately, she has even come to me on her own as if to say, here I am, show me some of that attention I’ve missed out on.

 I firmly believe that once Nicky realized she and Yasmin were in a “safe” place, she has relaxed a bit as she doesn’t feel the need to protect Yasmin anymore. She is beginning to “play” and acts like she is growing comfortable with her new life.

 Nicky also does well on a leash but she likes to “rush” down the hill when it is time to go back into the house. She knows exactly where to go and when she is ready to go back in, she is like an ox pulling a cart. Once I open the door, she goes straight to her crate and she is ready to get in her bed for a nap. Nicky makes my heart feel good as she is one that trusting does not come easy but I know that once she does decide to trust, she will be as loving and affectionate as all the others.

Nicky has many happy days ahead of her and I’m very thankful to see that she is making progress. I look forward to the day she does the Clumber wiggle or woo woo’s like Suzy. Until I rescued Nicky, I had heard about Clumbers yodeling but didn’t know what that sounded like, now I do as Nicky yodels. She makes a very distinctive sound when she wants to get my attention. She definitely has a lot of character and I can’t wait to see it blossom more and more.

 I’ve no doubt in my mind that Nicky will prove once again that I made the right decision to help her for she is going to prove that she is worth every minute of my time.

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