1.  What is “Clumbers in Need” and what is its mission?

“Clumbers in Need” is a Clumber Spaniel rescue that was started to search for and place less fortunate Clumber Spaniels in the homes they deserve. Our MISSION is to rescue Clumbers from millers/backyard breeders or similar situations including purchasing (yes, we pay for them) Clumbers when necessary to get them out of bad situations and give them an opportunity to live in a healthier, happier, and loving environment. We want to give the Clumbers that are getting the bad end of the deal, a chance regardless of their unlucky beginnings.  

Clumbers in Need does not take owner surrenders and if contacted about an owner surrender, the owners will be referred to the Clumber Spaniel Club of America (CSCA) rescue. Clumbers in Need does not pull from shelters and will again recommend that CSCA rescue be contacted.

Our intent is to focus solely on what is best for the dog and be the voice for the dogs and speak loudly for them.

2.  Who started “Clumbers in Need” and what is their experience with animal rescue?

Kim Smith McLendon started Clumbers in Need and to date has rescued (17) adult Clumber Spaniels and has also volunteered and fostered for Furever Friends rescue group.

3.  Is “Clumbers in Need” a Non-Profit or Not-for-Profit organization? Are contributions tax deductible?

Briefly, by way of background, "Clumbers in Need " is a private rescue group operated by Kim Smith McLendon with help from her husband Edward and children as well as many members of the "Clumbers in Need " online rescue group.

Kim Smith McLendon does what she does for the Clumbers as a personal choice and is committed to those she rescues and those needing rescued. The very first Clumbers rescued were bought with donations and the McLendons made up the difference using personal funds. Since then, the majority of costs associated with "Clumbers in Need" have also come from personal funds.

"Clumbers in Need " in not a non-profit organization and any donations made are not tax deductible.

4.  Is there an adoption fee charged to the adopting family? What is the amount and how is it determined?

Yes, there will be an adoption fee of $650.00 charged to the adopting family.

5.  Does the adoption fee include specific rescue fees paid by “Clumbers in Need” for the particular dog being adopted?

Yes, but usually only a portion of it.

6. Do you accept “loan” contributions for emergency rescues where funds are needed immediately? Can the “loan” contribution be refunded to the “loaner” when an adoption of said rescue occurs with the fee paid by the adopting family?

No, not at this time.

7.  How does “Clumbers in Need” account for adoption fees, donations and costs, and is this information made public? How is the money from the adoption fees used? How is the money from contributions and/or donations used?

Adoption fees, donations/contributions will be used at our discretion and will go toward the purchase of the dogs, vetting expenses, transportation fees, etc. Any funds left over will be put aside in a fund for future rescues.

8.  What is “Furever Friends” and what is the nature of  "Clumbers 
in Need's" association with them?

“Furever Friends” was a non-profit dog rescue organization and “Clumbers in Need” was a group under “Furever Friends” that was started to help Clumbers. “Clumbers in Need” is now a stand alone rescue and is under the supervision of Kim Smith McLendon as “Furever Friends” dog rescue has been suspended. All adoptions will follow all laws and regulations; both state and rescue.

19 Trantham Creek Road - Fairview, NC 28730

Kim Smith McLendon ~ Founder of Clumbers in Need

Phone: (828) 230-2499