Raj was born in the Czech Republic and sold to the US when he was just a puppy. He was then sold at a puppy auction and bought by a puppy miller. 

Raj hasn’t fared well in the life that was chosen for him and he has seen many horrors and lived through several.

 Looking into Raj’s eyes I saw the look I am beginning to grow accustomed to seeing. He had the same blank look so many have and he had the worst “rescue slump” I’ve seen. He was another one afraid of a leash, even more so than any of the others. I realized right away I had my work cut out for me with him. His spirit wasn’t injured, it was almost completely destroyed. At the time I knew he was different than all the others and I proceeded with caution as I wasn’t sure how he would react to me. I’ve never been attacked by a rescue but I’ve always been very careful and with Raj I was really concerned. 

Later as I was removing the “chain” that he’d come in wearing, I noticed he had a scar on his neck and after examining it further, I realized it went all around his neck. I’ve only seen a scar like this one other time and it was from a chain being embedded in the dog’s neck. Instantly, I knew why he didn’t like a leash or being pulled on. I cannot describe the sickness or the sadness I felt when I saw the scar but the tears flowed just thinking about what this wonderful Clumber had gone through, broke my heart.

 As soon as I regained my composure I sat down next to Raj and decided to have a talk with him and let him know how sorry I was that he had been hurt, but that he was safe now, and that I would not hurt him, or let him be hurt. The worry I had earlier about him attacking me was erased as I automatically focused more on his needs and what had happened to him.

 Going out to potty was a chore as even though I was extra careful about “pulling” on him, he was still very nervous and didn’t want any part of the leash. After many days and many hours of working with him, I now have him where he enjoys going out.

Raj didn’t make much noise at first when he came in and it wasn’t for a couple of days that he tried to bark and when I say he “tried” to bark, I mean just that, as it seems his vocal cords were damaged by the chain. 

I haven’t had Raj very long and the tears I’ve cried over him have been many. Even though mankind let him down, he is beginning to respond to my touch and he actually wiggles and gets very excited to see me. Our walks are enjoyable now and he waits by the door for me to get his leash. I can never make up for the hurt he’s seen or endured but I can promise him a future.

 Raj is beginning to see what a good life means and is beginning to relax. At first he wasn’t sure what to expect as he like Johnny Blue was sold at the auction many times and always ended back up at a “bad” place. He was confused when he first got here as he heard puppies and he was afraid he was at another “bad” place but the pet communicator assured him the puppies were safe and they’d never have to leave.

 Many bad things have happened to Raj in his five years and it will take some time before he can relax and learn to trust but I feel confident that he will. He had gotten so used to being on guard and surviving that it will take some time for him to let his heart open up.

 I’ve no doubt that once Raj opens up his heart and realizes that there are “good” people in the world that will treat him with kindness, he will be the best Clumber yet. I have a lot of faith in him and I am determined that he will know he is loved and cherished and that his only “job” in life is to be spoiled and pampered.

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