Dr. Barbara Taylor Gandy

February 24, 2008 

Dear Sir or Madam:

In December my husband and I lost one of the most precious parts of our life when our 13 year old cocker spaniel died from kidney disease.  I adopted a dog from Petfinders in February and had great success.  In June, I began looking for a full blooded Clumber Spaniel and found an ad on Petfinders for several beautiful clumbers that were available for adoption from Furever Friends. 

I e-mailed the site to inquire about the clumbers and first talked to Kim Smith’s daughter Krystal and then later talked to Kim.  From the first conversation I had with Kim, I immediately knew that she was passionate about her clumbers.  As we continued to communicate, I could hear the love and compassion in Kim’s voice about her work for the rescues.  During the screening process, I understood how important placing her rescue in the right home and location is, and how she is always putting the needs of the dog first.   After I was screened and approved for adoption, Kim was willing to allow me the time I needed to finish my new house. During this time we kept in contact and I got constant updates on Hank and the other clumbers she was helping.  After a few set backs with the house I could not wait to get Hank. Kim and her husband Ed went the extra mile by bringing Hank 3 1/2 hours to Atlanta, GA. Right away I could tell it was hard for her to give up such a wonderful dog. 

Instantly I could tell how well Hank had been cared for, trained, and loved in Kim’s home.  I am amazed at what this working woman can do.  I truly admire her and others who unselfishly give their time, money, and homes to un-loved, mistreated, and abused animals.    Kim Smith McLendon is an inspiration and a person who does not idly stand by to wait for something to happen. She has devoted herself to a mission to love and care for a special group of pets. 

As my other dogs in my home get old and eventually pass on, I look forward to meeting up again with Kim and her organization to get another incredible clumber or two.  It is nice to see someone not in the dog business who is not trying to take advantage of the situation and sell puppies for money, but to rescue and save animals in need. 


Barbara Taylor Gandy

Director-Recruitment and Orientation

Dr. Barbara Taylor Gandy

October 25, 2007   
17 New Brighton Hill Road
Tunbridge, VT 05077 

To whom it may concern, 

I am writing this letter on behalf of Kim Smith McLendon as a reference to her character and determination in canine rescue. 

I first made Kim’s acquaintance about a year ago through a Clumber spaniel chat group. We both joined the group within a week of each other, and being a relatively rare breed, the group is small and everyone gets to know each other rather fast. Kim’s love of dogs is not limited to the Clumber’s, as currently she and her husband Edward have several of their own dogs and several that are currently in foster care with them. The amount of dedication Kim has is clearly evident merely by looking at the amount of love she puts into each and every dog that comes into her care.

 Having followed Kim’s progress thru some very trying times, I am constantly amazed by her determination to first and foremost always do what is best for the dog. When faced with what certainly seemed to be insurmountable difficulties, she simply forged ahead and found alternative ways to continue with her true love, the rescue and rehabilitation of these wonderful dogs. 

Our family has been involved with dog rescue so I feel we have an insight as to what is involved in the process, and the amount of commitment required to follow through the entire process. It is not for the faint hearted, and not to be taken lightly. Kim has the qualities it takes to succeed in this. 

In my opinion, the work that Kim does to rehabilitate and find the best homes for these dogs is nothing short of a miracle. She will always work tirelessly and do whatever is in the best interest of the dog, regardless of whatever obstacles come her way.  Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions I may be able to help with. 


Martha Frost

Email: scott.frost@innevi.com

October 24, 2007   
Cathy Herbert  
Greensburg, Indiana

To whom it may concern:

I highly recommend Kim Smith McLendon for she has shown the up most heart and integrity in the rescuing and rehabilitation of Clumber Spaniels from the horrors of the puppy mill system. She has made a serious commitment to save this breed and finding the very best homes possible.

I have personally witnessed her saving baby Clumbers when their mother died during the birthing process. She stayed up day and night to tube feed them when they were too weak to bottle feed and she poured her heart and soul into saving them and she did save many. That is a total accomplishment in itself.

I have seen the miracles she has performed with her rescues through her before and after pictures of them. She has shown compassion and love to the Clumbers, giving them everything they need to transform them from puppy mill rejects to adoptable loving companions.

I am proud to call Kim a fellow rescuer and friend and we need more just like her.


Cathy Herbert


CKCSC, Rescue Indiana Chairperson

Proud Supporter of Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue

4852 Stepney Road.
Armstrong, B.C.
V0E 1B8 

October 24, 2007 

To whom it may concern,

 I have been very concerned for a number of years about the number of dogs in puppy mills. In particular I have been concerned about my own breed of Clumber Spaniels.

When Kim privately asked if anyone could help her remove some of the clumbers from the puppy mills I said I would help. Although in Canada at that time, I had access to funds that Kim could use.

I have watched Kim pull dogs from puppy mills, raise orphan puppies, home mature clumbers and keep a few she considered un-adoptable herself.

I have the greatest respect for her integrity, her honesty and her forthright sharing of what she believed would be best for the rescued clumbers.

My heart ached seeing this beautiful breed used like machinery. Kim has pulled them, given them back their dignity and looked for the best homes for them and given them love. She cleans them up and monitors their habits to make sure they are suitable for adoption.

I have referred people to her and she has been honest with the enquiries.

I have nothing but the greatest respect for Kim and her actions and have suggested that she become a permanent clumber rescue. I am writing this letter to support any actions she may take in that direction as with the number of puppy mills springing up nearly everywhere the clumbers are going to need her.

Yours truly, 

 Victoria Moira Simmonds


July 30, 2008

Katie Olds Muller
113 Meadow View Road
Amsterdam, NY 12010

Re: Adopting Joni from McLendon Land

 To whom it may concern:

My interest in Clumber Spaniels started about 5 years ago while watching a dog show and some Animal Planet specials.  I did a good deal of research, visited websites and joined some e-mail lists to learn more.  When I was finally ready for a dog in 2004 I was right out of college and as fate would have it I ended up with my Chester who is not a Clumber but a wonderful addition nonetheless.  Time went on and I met my husband and became very involved in dog rescue.  At a rescue event in October of 2006 I looked across the tent (where a lovely Halloween dog parade was taking place) and there was a Clumber Spaniel!  I went over and was met by the sweetest dog imaginable.  The nagging voice in the back of my head returned, pulling me towards the breed.

 I often check Petfinder for local dogs in need and began occasionally searching “Clumber Spaniel” and in late summer of 2007 I saw Frieda listed under Furever Friends.  As an avid rescue person I knew the distance and the fact I owned 7 dogs would make an adoption difficult.  I checked Petfinder often and continued to see Frieda listed and she continued to pull at me.  I began talking to my husband about his openness to me reaching out about her.  When I got the “ok” to inquire about her I finally put my thoughts together on November 2, 2007.  I still have the very long e-mail.  I basically requested information on Freida and I rambled on about my dogs and our life.  I was deep down afraid I might get a negative response.  While I am active in rescue I also know not every rescuer is open to speaking to long distance adopters, or adopters with multiple dogs, or adopters with full time jobs.  So I waited.  About 4 days later I got a response from the kindest woman who told me about Frieda, who she had renamed Joni and was very open and honest about wanting homes that could spoil and dote on her rescues.  This kind sweet woman was my first contact with Kim. 

We wrote back and forth many times, as Kim is exceptionally thorough.  I told her honestly to just keep my home in mind for the Clumbers she rescued or had as fosters and we would love to find one to be part of our family.  She wanted us to do a few things prior to any approved adoption.  One thing was spend some time with Clumbers.  So I researched my area and met a lovely couple and their 4 Clumber Spaniels.  We spent an afternoon at their home being slobbered on and it was simply wonderful.  I then had to complete 2 phone interviews, and 3 personal references, as well as provide detailed pictures of my home and fence and a veterinary reference.  I felt so good about providing all of these things to someone who clearly loved her foster dogs.  

Once all of these things were completed and “checked out” so to speak Kim told me the best news imaginable.  That she believed Joni would truly LOVE to spend her life with many canine siblings and that she would like to adopt Joni out to me.  We decided June would be the best time to adopt Joni but when my life changed and we sold our home and bought another Kim was wonderful about pushing the adoption to July so that we would be settled in our new home. 

On July 26, 2008 Kim and Edward drove 7 hours from their home in North Carolina to meet me half way to New York in Virginia.  I was blown away by their simple, happy willingness to make such a long trip.  When we both arrived in VA Kim spent nearly 2 hours with me going over all of Joni’s medical records, her routine, her likes, her dislikes, and her needs.  Edward walked around with Joni gently telling her how happy she’d be in a way only a loving dad could.  In the year Kim had Joni she had done all her vet care including full vaccinations, two heartworm tests, spay and basic blood work.  That wonderful Saturday in July I picked up a beautifully groomed, exceptionally healthy, well loved family member.

Through tear filled eyes Kim hugged Joni and me and after our two hours of talking and laughing and meeting, Kim sent me home with a dog I knew she loved very deeply.  Kim called twice on the ride home and once after I arrived home, just to ensure those crucial first moments all went ok.  And since that day we have e-mailed and talked daily, Kim wanting to know every detail of Joni’s progress and adjustment.  Her support is ongoing and I know our bond – Joni – will last us a lifetime.  I feel so grateful Kim allowed me to adopt this wonderful dog and so thankful it also let me meet such a wonderful new friend.  The entire experience was outstanding and though I’d never part with her I do know for the rest of Joni’s life she will always have a second home in North Carolina at McLendon Land. 

Katie Olds Muller

Colleen Keeney
2807 Springwood Drive
, NC

November 20, 2008


Yasmin’s Adoption

To whom it may concern: 

Just seeing a clumber had been a wonderful dream of mine for about five years. I saw the Westminster dog show the year a clumber won and fell in love. A dog that has the appearance of a big dog but is not too big with the beautiful coat and sweet freckles, so adorable! So I started my research (before my computer) to learn more about their temperament etc.

Last spring I was looking at dog rescue groups on pet finders and happened across Clumbers In Need and thought I was seeing things. I looked almost every day and thought I would contact them when the time was right. At the time my lab, CoCo was very sick and at the end of April, I lost her. Sometime in July, I contacted Kim Smith McLendon and the journey began. Kim helped to educate me on the breed itself and the rescue work she does. I realized I had a lot to learn about clumbers. It was very important to Kim for me to understand the breed and their particular needs, which can be somewhat different than other dogs.

In August my sister Margaret and I were going to be up in the area and Kim and Edward invited us to come by. I was so excited and couldn't wait for the day we could see the beautiful dogs. When we drove up, we could see the Clumbers from the window.

One by one Kim introduced us to each of her angels, one as sweet as the other. All full of love as the lady who gives them love and with each clumber, came their story. Kim goes above and beyond in her love and care for all these dogs. I remember seeing Yasmin through the window, with her bone in her month and she stuck in my head.

Later when we were outside, everyone was running around and we were petting them, I called to Yasmin and she came right to me. You just get a feeling when you meet the Clumber that is the right one. I remember Kim saying that she likes to pick the right one for each person or family. She had already picked Yasmin for me before I’d even met Yasmin based on my interview with Kim and all that I had shared about my other dogs! This little girl is so perfect for us and loves her other dog sisters. When you think of the places these dogs came from and how Kim works with them, some longer then others, until they can trust and love again, it is quite amazing.

After that I started the application process and it was quite extensive but at least now I understand why it was so long and somewhat involved. Well, I was approved and then we had the gas shortage and high prices. Next thing I knew, Kim and her husband Edward calls to tell me that they will bring Yasmin to me which took about three hours. Kim likes to help in every way she can. I was waiting in the street waving at them and again it was so exciting and worth the wait.

I couldn't imagine when Kim told me that we would need a couple of hours to go over paper work but again to my surprise, it was fantastic. She presented me with a whole binder about my girl with pictures of her family, as much history about her parent’s pedigree and health information as Kim could find and all her vet records from Kim’s vet. The binder also included breed info, the “clumber non-edible list”, the Dear Vet letter from Dr Roe Froman, and Kim’s contact information in case I had questions or needed help with anything. Kim also set me up with another mentor just in case and I also joined an online clumber group.

These Clumbers are a true labor of love for Kim and I have grown to love her for teaching me so much about the true meaning of giving during this process. It’s refreshing to meet someone who is so committed for all the right reasons. Thank you Kim and Edward!   


Colleen Keeney

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