Roofus was my second rescue and he was a “mill” Clumber. He was born on the wrong side of the tracks as he was born in an Amish puppy mill and then sold at a puppy auction.

He came to me scared to death and not knowing what he was in for. Edward, Dudley and I drove to Missouri to pick him up and talk about a sad sight. Here was this beautiful Clumber slumped down in a corner of a kennel out in a barn all alone. He acted as if he had never met a kind human being and was so nervous he urinated all over himself. I coaxed him out of the corner which took some doing but once we got him out to the car where Dudley was, he came alive. Once he met Dudley and realized he was going with him, his whole demeanor changed. He and Dudley became instant friends and although we took a crate to bring him home in, once we were comfortable with our surroundings, we pulled over and let him out of the crate and right away he snuggled up with Dudley for the ride home.

Roofus was very timid and it took time for him to learn that there were some people worth trusting. He would sleep in the bed but he would sit straight up as to keep an eye on everything and every body. He was so nervous he didn't eat well at all and I had to sit with him to make sure he did. While out walking, he had that slump to him that so many rescues have.

These days I am happy to say that he walks with the confidence all Clumbers are known for, he "smiles" all the time and he bounces and wiggles like he is the luckiest fellow in the whole world.

 He enjoys hiking in the woods and he loves sleeping in the bed. He is a bundle of joy, a Clumber jumping bean! 

I am thankful that I got him out of that miserable barn and gave him a chance for when he looks at me, I can see the gratitude he feels.

Roofus is probably one of the most improved rescues as he had a huge sadness about him and he had no idea what love was. Now he “asks” for his loving and can’t get enough of it.

Roofus is another wonderful example of what time, patience and love can do.

Update (09/2008) If Clumbers in Need had a “most improved award”,  Roofus would surely get it as when he came to live at McLendon Land, he was afraid of his own shadow. Now almost two years later, he is a changed fellow.

 Roofus is a favorite of Edward’s and rightly so because Edward had to work extremely hard to gain Roofus’s trust but all the hard work paid off as Edward and Roofus love each other. Roofus lights up at the sight of Edward and vice versa. For a little Clumber who didn’t know what “petting” was, Roofus is the first one to line up to get his. I am very proud of him and his accomplishments.

One of my favorite things about Roofus is that his feet barely hit the ground when he walks or runs along as he is so proud and happy. I can watch him run and play for hours as he is so confident and care free.

The vision of Roofus hunched in the corner of the kennel in that dark barn has never left my mind but slowly is it beginning to fade away as I hope all his bad memories have or will. He didn’t have the best start in life and his future was looking mighty bleak but all that changed once he came here to share our home with us.

I was told that Roofus would never come around that he was too old to learn to trust and/or love but I had to at least try. I hoped with all of my heart that once he was given a chance, he would come alive and he has. He will never love meeting strangers or going new places but he doesn’t have too. He has found his place and it is here, living among people who love and adore him.


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