Suzy was born in the Czech Republic and her breeder sold her and her siblings to the US where they were auctioned off to puppy millers. 

Suzy was Dolly’s sister, aunt to the Dollykins & Roofus, is Amos’s mom, and grandmother to Heidi, Gretchen, Joni, and Dottie. 

Suzy came in with Dolly, Andy, and Spicy and once she decided she was safe, she never looked back. She didn’t mind me grooming her and to the contrary would sit for hours letting me brush her. She had a mat at her throat bigger than her head and it was so heavy that it had begun to pull loose, skinning her. Her entire throat was raw where the mat had pulled away. It was a horrible thing to see and I’m sure was awfully painful for her but she seemed to know that I was only trying to help and she was very patient with me. Once we got it snipped off, and got her all healed up, she felt so much better. She openly showed her gratitude for anything I did. I could walk up to her and she would automatically roll over on her back so I could scratch her belly. 

She came in with haunted eyes and desperately needed love and attention and I would often find her staring at me like she was trying to figure things out. Of all my rescues, she was constantly getting into things and was notorious for destruction. Suzy became known as my Clumber terror. 

Even though Suzy warmed up to me right away, I could tell she was not as happy as she could be. I strongly believe that the older the rescue, the longer it takes for them to completely trust and open their hearts. I got the feeling from Suzy that she wanted to be loved and wanted to be a part of the McLendon family. By this time I had already decided that Andy and Spicy would never leave. Suzy seemed to know this and she wanted to be with them. Remember that Andy, Suzy, Dolly, and Spicy had lived their lives together so she’d always been with them. 

I decided to start leaving Suzy out with my personal clumbers, including Andy and Spicy, to see how she would do and she not only did good; she did great. The day I made this decision was the day Suzy really came alive. She instantly took on a whole new demeanor and “smiled” so much more. She was “home” and she knew it. It was like she was just waiting for me to tell her she was “one of mine”. 

Suzy and her grand daughter Dottie have a wonderful relationship and are very much alike, not only in looks but in personality. Both are stubborn but both have great big, kind hearts. Suzy is a big, gentle giant and words cannot describe how she has touched my heart. Once Suzy realized she had found her permanent home at McLendon Land, she poured her heart out to me. She is always happy to see me and is a big cuddle bug.

Oddly enough she stopped tearing things up once I moved her up to “personal clumber” status and one must wonder if she was smart enough to know how to get my attention. Well, she got it and I am very grateful she did. 

These days she enjoys her “soft” beds and chewing on her bones. She is toy destructive so finding toys she can’t destroy is a challenge. Suzy enjoys her walks and loves to be given a bath. Her coat is to be admired and her tail is envied by many as it is long and flowing. 

It gives me great pleasure to look into her eyes as when she first came in; her eyes were filled with sadness, now they are overflowing with happiness. 

Suzy will share in the Dollykin’s future and that is something that pleases me a great deal. I am overjoyed to give Suzy the home she deserves as she is just as much an angel as her sister Dolly.

Update (09/2008) Suzy, known to Edward as the “bone cruncher”, as mom to Amos, as Grandma Suzy to Dottie, Joni, Gretchen, Heidi, and as Aunt Suzy to the Dollykins, is a very special clumber and one that means so much to me. I have never regretted the day I decided to make her a “personal” Clumber. Suzy came to me with a big heart and a big need to be loved. Her spirit cried out to me over and over and I was drawn to her sweetness.

 Suzy has been with me over a year now and oh my gosh – she is the sweetest thing in the world. When she looks at me with those big amber eyes, I can see her soul, a soul that has seen sad times and lived through things most of us could never imagine but she lives her life based on the now, and trusts with all her might.

I hug her often as she is such a big lump of sugar and tell her how much I love her and how happy I am to share my home with her. It is hard for me to explain what makes certain Clumbers knock the wind out of me but Suzy is one of those. Maybe it h as something to do with losing Dolly, her sister or maybe it is just because she clung to me when she first got here hoping that I was different than the last person who “owned” her. I don’t know the answer to this question but I do know that I could not bare the thought of not having Ms Suzy spend her life with me.

She is a pure delight and when she woo woo’s Edward is sure she is saying, “the hunt is on” and regardless of how many times I hear her “say” it, it does my heart good. Suzy has a way of making even the bleakest day bright. Some mornings I have a  hard time dragging myself out of the bed but one look from Suzy, seeing her so excited about seeing me, gives me the nudge I need.

I love Suzy with all my heart and hope that we have many, many more years together for she deserves to know what being loved is all about.



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