Yasmin was sold to Poland by her breeder when she was just a puppy along with her father Balu Bohemia Clumber, and four sisters. The person in Poland turned around and re-sold her to the US where she was sold at auction to a puppy miller.

She is now four years old and bounced around from puppy mill to puppy mill until December 2007, when we rescued her and one of her sisters. Her father Balu Bohemia Clumber was not as fortunate as he died last year from a tick borne disease that could have been easily treated had anyone cared enough about him to do so.  

Once I found out Yasmin was a daughter to Balu, I felt even more determined in giving her a chance, a chance that her father was never given.  Balu never knew the security of a loving home or of a loving family. I wanted to make sure Yasmin had a future; a future filled of many firsts and lots of love. She celebrated her first “free” birthday on January 31 and I know she will see many more.

Yasmin came in with the usual “blank” look and the nervousness of not knowing what was going to happen next. Many of the rescue Clumbers are sold and re-sold at auction going from one backyard breeder or puppy miller to another.

 Between Yasmin and her sister, she seemed the less affected by the change. She warmed up rather quickly to me and was ready for all the attention I could give her. She is a ray of sunshine and even though she is four, she acts much like a puppy.

 Surprisingly enough Yasmin did well on a leash and never hesitated about going outside and got very excited about it. She was living in a barn before she was rescued so I’m sure getting out and about was a nice change.

 Another thing that surprised me about Yasmin was that she had her last litter via a c-section. I automatically thought of Dolly and felt a cold sweat come over me as my first thought was what if she had suffered the same fate. I knew then it was a blessing I found her as she may not have received the medical care needed, when whelping her next litter.

Yasmin is not very big and was quite a bit underweight when she came in but she is quickly filling out and looking so much better.  She is small for a Clumber but she has a lot of sweetness tucked away inside her little body . Her temperament is still in tact and she is very affectionate and just overall a joy to be around.

 Knowing I was able to save her at least gave me some peace as when I heard about what happened to Balu Bohemia Clumber, my heart was broken as he was one I hoped to show that miracles do happen, but I was too late and he will never know that there are good people with loving, kind hearts.   

 Yasmin will soon forget the life she lived for so long and it is my job to see that she does.

Update (09/2008)  On September 21, 2008 Edward and I took Yasmin to her new home in Greensboro, NC. Yasmin’s stay with me was the shortest so far, but she was ready to go to her new home to start showing her new fur sisters how life should be lived. Yasmin is now sharing a home with a St Bernard named Zoe and a Bernese Mountain dog named Lilly. Both are as sweet as they are beautiful. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the kitty.

Yasmin not only got a new mom but a wonderful new aunt who has already fallen in love with her. Both ladies visited McLendon Land a couple of months ago to meet the Clumbers. Right away Yasmin loved her new mom and I knew right off the bat that Yasmin would be cherished there just as she was here at McLendon Land.

There were of course tears when saying good-bye but the joy I felt for Yasmin’s new beginning was bittersweet – sad because I knew that I would miss her but happy that Yasmin found someone who would love her and cherish her like she deserves.

I am very thankful that I was able to find Yasmin the perfect mom and I look forward to being a part in the next chapter of her life.

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